Description: The ability to mentally move, manipulate, and control objects without physical contact

Innate effects: receive 10% less physical and projectile damage. +10% evasion

Type of actions: Psychokinetic, Pebble Storm is also projectile


Levitate- levitate target off the ground (can target self if one wants)

'AP Cost: comes with ability 'EP Cost: 5 Accuracy: 100%

Gives "Levitating" status for 120min, raising target's evasion by 20% Shield- create a shield for target that slows all matter passing through it

AP Cost: 10 EP Cost: 10 Accuracy: 100%

Gives "Shielded" status for 30min, causing target to receive 20% less fire, ice, radioactive, physical, and projectile damage


Thrust- slam target against the wall with the thrust of a hand

'AP Cost: comes with ability 'EP Cost: 5 Accuracy: 160% Damage: 140

Choke- choke target

-If target retaliates with a physical attack, it will be blocked twice

AP Cost: 5 EP Cost: 5 Accuracy: 180% Damage: 150

Slice Head Open- slice target's head open

AP Cost: 30 EP Cost: 40 Accuracy: 110% Damage: 960