Description: The ability to generate and manipulate radiation

Innate Properties: +15% more damage, +40% Accuracy

Type of actions: Radioactive (except for Explosion, which is projectile)


Luminescence- blind target with a bright flash of radiation

'AP Cost: comes with ability 'EP Cost: 15 Accuracy: 110% Damage: 70

Gives "Blind" status for 15 min, causing target's accuracy to drop 80%

Using this move raises user's accuracy by 30% once in battle

Explosion- cause an explosion near target

AP Cost: comes with ability EP Cost: 20 Accuracy: 220% Damage: 580 Nuke- blow target up using nuclear radiation

Limit: This action can only be used once every 4 hours

AP Cost: 35 EP Cost: 590 Accuracy: 100% Damage: 1 Hit KO