About My Heroes Ability Wiki

The data here is not the same as the original My Heroes Ability. Changes were made where it was seen convenient in case it were possible to remake the game. The original ability data can be seen in the MHA AP Calculator

Game History (2007-2009)

My Heroes Ability began as a poke application in which users would gain experience using their starting ability's actions on other users. Ability points were gained every level and were used for learning new actions, improving them, and even learning new abilities. Users also had a customizable game profile. This app even had an in-game discussion board with a wall for posting comments.

The app eventually became a gaming community featuring locations, groups, and battling. Groups created were headquartered in a particular location and members could interact and aid each other without having to be friends on facebook. Players could either fight in free-for-all zones (FFA) in open-ended combat or find a match in the fight club. Groups were originally FFA-oriented and the fights became known as "raids".

Players received 100Cr daily for long distant travel and eventually for items like food (restores HP), drinks (restores energy), and special items (like rings and necklaces) to enhance fighting performance. At some point, players could also send energy drinks to friends and group members. When items came out, non-player characters (NPCs) were also released. They dropped credits (Cr) when knocked out and also gave some experience.

The game then began to die with inactive groups that require approval to join (if group leaders are inactive, it can annoy new comers), overcrowded group pages failing to load (there should have been a limit of members per group), lagging (the servers were failing), disappearing profile pictures (they should have had a hyperlink option rather than upload), cheating (often by scripting), and KO stealing (KSing). The easy experience from NPC may have led to the down fall of the app and other factors may have led the app to become unprofitable for Zynga.

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