Description: The ability to propel one's self through the air

Innate effects:

+35% chance of evading any attack except mental and psychokinetic attacks

+5% accuracy for all actions except mental and psychokinetic action

5 second travel to most places for 5 EP

Type of actions: Physical (except Aerial Surveillance, which is covert)


Aerial Toss- pick up and drop target from mid-air

AP Cost: comes with ability EP Cost: 5 Accuracy: 190% Damage: 145

Supersonic Attack- fly at supersonic speeds and attack target

Gives "Stunned" status, causing a 50% that target will fail using any action

-Target cannot travel while under this status for 30 seconds with this status

'AP Cost: 20 'EP Cost: 10 Accuracy: 90% Damage: 290