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Ability Tree

Players begin with a basic ability with two actions and one normal action called Punch. Ability actions cost Energy Points and every successful action gives self at least 5 Exp (Only abilities give Exp).

Ability Points (AP): Every level the player recieves 5 ability points (AP) and starting from level 15 the player gets 5 extra bonus AP every 5 levels (which means the player gets 10 AP every 5 levels from level 15 and beyond).

Note: There still exists the MHA AP Calculator of the original game. However, The damage inflicted by harmful actions and the demi-god abilities are a bit different than that of those in this Wiki.

Learning Abilities: Abilities learned (usually) come with two primary actions by default.Players need 40 AP to learn another a basic ability of the same branch and 60 AP to learn an ability from a different branch. With 90 AP, the player can learn an advanced ability, but they must have a basic abiliy from the same branch first. Demi-God abilities will cost 120 AP and you must have a basic ability from the same branch.

Improving Abilities: Improving an action costs 3 AP. Players under level 25 can only improve actions to level 4, players over level 25 can level actions to level 9. Players at level 50 and up can improve to level 10.

Unlearning Abilities: At the Secret Lab in Toronto Canada, the option to unlearn an abilities will appear in the side panel. This option lets players unlearn actions (with a 50% probability rate unless you have precognition), which will cost players Credits (game currency earned by Koing most NPCs or doing missions) and will redeem them their AP. 18 Cr would redeem 1 AP, so unlearning an action that cost you 10 AP would cost 180Cr.

The NEW Ability Tree (for the remake)

Note: the actual ability properties have been modified for a planned remake of the game

Ability Type Basic Abilities Advanced Abilities Demi-God Abilities
  • Elemental
  • Psychic
  • Somatic